Hired - Onboarding

Candidate Onboarding


Hired is a 2-way marketplace that helps connect companies with tech talent. I worked on the candidate team, which was responsible for increasing the quality and quantity of candidates on the platform, as well as improving their user experience.


  1. Around 23% of candidates who take the Resume First path abandon on the preview page. User recordings on Hotjar show confusion when landing on the preview page, due to the large set of fields that need editing and a non-intuitive UI to find those fields.
  2. We also have many (slightly) different versions of /preview and profile (resume first, mobile web, manual input, reactivation, etc), which makes it difficult to chase down all the edge cases that come up for each scenario as well as optimize UX for bigger impact with less work. We should be unifying the UX rather than creating more edge cases.


After a resume is uploaded for resume first, we take the candidate through a bite-sized, step-by-step flow through the profile builder with pre-filled info from the resume before landing on the standardized profile/preview page.

The result

Results were very positive for this project. We saw a 22% increase in the number of high quality candidates. We also saw an 87% increase in candidates receiving at least 1 interview request. Finally, we decreased onboarding time by 2 minutes.

What’s next?