Hired - Profile Review

Candidate profile review


Hired is a 2-way marketplace that helps connect companies with tech talent. I worked on the candidate team, which was responsible for increasing the quality and quantity of candidates on the platform, as well as improving their user experience.


Recruiters only spend a few seconds looking at a resume to decide on sending an IVR, but many candidates don’t know to treat their resume/profile like a landing page. They need to highlight their most valuable skillsets quickly and remove any noise/turn-offs. Candidates also don’t know what makes a “successful” profile on Hired (e.g. which skills are best to highlight, shorter work descriptions, etc).

Hired also wants to provide value for candidates beyond getting them an introduction on the marketplace. We see resume review as providing that extra value that may aid in retention, conversion, and satisfaction of our candidates.


Design sprint

Before solutioning on this problem, I ran a design sprint with my team to help determine a few unique ways to provide more value to our candidates. We landed on 3 big ideas to explore further.  Resume Review was the top idea that the team thought we could execute best.

Resulting user journey map from the design sprint

For resume review, we used hiring data from thousands of offers and interview requests on Hired to recommend resume revisions. We then created suggestions on a candidate’s profile to help improve key content (namely, skills and work history).

The result

Overall, this project was a clear winner. Candidates that took our suggestions received 8% more interview requests. In subsequent user interviews and surveys, we routinely received praise for this feature without asking for it. The success of this project enabled us to explore more ways we could suggest profile revisions.

What’s next?